Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Napoleonic Game Day Test Game

Last Friday a few of us got together to help our friend Ed M. test some of the components of a HUGE Napoleonic game he's running at the upcoming club game day in October. Ed wanted to get a significant amount of the troops onto a table larger than he can fit in his game room, so he asked to use my 12-foot table. I was happy to help! Ed's write-up of the game with more photos can be seen on his blog. The scenario is an alternate Waterloo campaign featuring Ed's beautiful French and Prussian figures. I'll leave more of the description of the game for the reader to discover over at Ed's excellent Blog.

Left to right, French marshals, Earl, Ralph and Peter in the opening moves of the game.

Prussian marshal Mike in the background and CinC Bob in the foreground. I rounded out the Prussian test team.

The best shots I could get of the full expanse of the table. It's tough to get far enough away from a 12-foot table in an 18-foot room! That's a LOT of figures. For game day this table will be 18 feet long, so there should be good room for manoeuvring. Where there was on the flanks in this game it was quite interesting.

Obligatory eye-candy shots of Ed's beautiful figures.

The game started out with Bob being uncharacteristically aggressive with his Landwher cavalry, with predictable results. Earl's infantry and Artillery were deadly and when they couldn't finish the job Ralph's joined in on the fun. Deadly.

On our left flank Peter's cavalry charged Mike's cavalry across a stream, jumping it like it was a casual steeple chase course, sending Mike's cavalry to the rear in disarray with Peter's cavalry in hot pursuit breaking through the Prussian lines causing Bob to commit some reserves there to clean up the mess.

On the left flank I sent my Landwher infantry off on an errand to secure the town on our left while Earl's cavalry secured the French flank opposite me. My attacks against Earl's infantry there were unsuccessful, and lucky for me the game was called due to the hour before his cavalry could sweep into my Landwher.

It was a fun night and I believe Ed got what he needed for information in order to make the club's game day game even better.

For blog purposes I'm only counting this as half a game hosted. Ed did all the work, I just provided the table and some terrain. Thanks for the fun game Ed.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Laser DOWN!

Most readers of this blog know that I have a laser engraver that I use to cut acrylic, plywood, balsa and paper to make wargaming items for personal use and for sale as a small hobby business. The other evening I was cutting a job for a customer and the laser stopped working suddenly.

Come to find out I've finally worn out (blown up sir!) the Y-axis servo motor pictured to the left. It's performed it's last chooch as AVE would say. So I had to order up a new one from the manufacturer. $230.00 later it's on its way. Hopefully I'll swap it in and be back up and running soon. At least it's not as expensive as when I blew the laser tube a year ago. That repair cost me $3,000.00. The only difference between men and boys are the cost of their toys I guess.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

15mm Paint Shack Youtube Channel


Kent Galpin of the 15mm Paint Shack has started up his own YouTube channel. It will include tutorials, figure reviews and general videos of his painting projects. Contrary to the name of his painting service, Kent also paints beautiful 28mm and 32mm figures. 

Some readers of this blog will remember that I've had Kent paint some figures for me. You can read more about my opinion of Kent's work on my post here.

Here's a close-up of a sample 28mm AWI officer Kent painted up for me:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Scatter Terrain by Mel the Terrain Tutor

Another great tutorial from Mel the Terrain Tutor. How to make basic scatter terrain. I'd also use these techniques for smaller tree clumps to put in larger forested areas marked by a felt or larger base.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

28mm Foam Bunker Tutorial

Mel the Terrain Tutor has a good tutorial this week for anyone looking to make some 28mm WWII bunkers. I like the looks of each actually! Fast and easy. Check him out at:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Northern Conspiracy August 2017 Game Night

Last Friday evening our club got together for our monthly game night. With a game day coming up that will be using Charlie's rules, Napoleon's Rules of War, I decided to take part in his game. Charlie's scenario was based on the Battle of Barrosa, March 5th 1811. Another excellent write up of the battle can be enjoyed at my friend Ed M's blog.

The deployment zones were arranged with one uniquely positioned. It was either a force to flank or be flanked. I had a 50/50 shot, and thought it looked interesting so I requested it. I was the flanking force of a French attack on an Anglo-Spanish column of march. Ed's Spanish were up against it having to defend one vs two against my flanking columns and Peter's division that was also driven through the woods.

Ed played the defence as best as could be managed considering the circumstances, but about mid game Peter and I had a crushingly effective round of shooting in those woods goring the defending Spanish. In the flank gap my lead screening battalion was destroyed by Ed's guns, but the columns behind it did their job and took the position.

This was a fun game, and Ed and Warren were consummate gentlemen in the loss. It was good to get more practice with NROW prior to the upcoming game day.

Other games run that I was only able to get a few photos of:

Michael B. ran a WWI game using Warlord's Bolt Action Rules.

Greg S. ran a 1799 Napoleonic skirmish game using Chosen Men rules.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Berlin 1945 in 1080 HD color

Good reference to use for your terrain building for the capture of Berlin. Of note are the colors of the brick wreckage and how much rubble actually piles up in bombed-out buildings.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Napoleon's Rules of War Game at Ed M's

I must apologize to Ed for the long delay in posting this game report. Life has indeed got in the way of hobby time lately. You can read Ed's excellent write up of his game on his blog here.

Ed is going to be hosting a very large Napoleon's Rules of War game as one of our clubs two annual game day events. This was a warm-up game to test some of the OBs and scenario rules. The core rules for the game day will be our mutual friend Charlie's rules, Napoleon's Rules of War. The game will feature Ed's wonderfully painted French and Prussian armies, some of which you'll see in the photos below.

I have to admit, I liked our plan at the start, but my play throughout the game was inferior to my opponent Bob's play. Bob had his way with me in this one. On the other flank we faired only slightly better, but the attrition across the board allowed the Prussians to stop us in our tracks and win the battle. Even in the loss I had great fun playing this game. Thanks to Ed for hosting it!

Bob and George, the Prussians during the pre-game discussion. In a clever twist, they swapped flanks for the game.
Initial deployments and some close-ups of Ed's wonderful figures....

Bob and I race for the village - one of the scenario objectives. This was to prove a bloody affair.
On the left, Charlie pushes into the Prussian Landwher.
Bob and I slug it out in the town, but on my right flank his superior numbers are making short work of my thin blue line.
The aftermath in the town - you die, she dies, everybody dies! Later my right flank, about to collapse gets end-run around by Bob's cavalry (not shown). In our rear area the French and Prussian light cavalry clashes with the result 2-0 for the Prussians.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Finnish Suomi KP SMG

While visiting family in Thomaston, ME we stopped into the Knox Mansion museum. As luck would have it they were also having a display of weapons, titled 'Muskets to Machine Guns'. The gun collection contained a decent amount of WWII vintage guns, particularly Japanese and American. For me the jewel of the collection was the Finnish Suomi KP SMG. I've included photos of it including one of the card telling more about the weapon. Of note is the beautiful wood used for the stock.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mid-Week Board Gaming

Scott, Josh and Mike stopped by last Thursday for an evening of board gaming. The game this night was Tiny Epic Galaxies. Although the box is small, the game is quite dynamic with plenty of inter-player interaction. I had a lot of fun even though I was last place both games. I'm looking forward to playing it again - highly recommended.

We're getting the band back together again. The four of us used to game regularly every Friday evening for several years, but life, children, careers, got in the way. Now that life is settling down for most of us we're looking to make this a more regular thing.